Ceiling of log2(N) function

Taken from the Verilog-2001 Language Reference Manual (LRM) standard example since $clog2() doesn't exist prior to Verilog-2005 (and thus, SystemVerilog).

This returns the necessary number of bits to index N items with a binary integer. For example:

Bring in the function at the start of the body of your module like so:

`include "clog2_function.vh"

Pass the function a value which, at elaboration time, is either a constant or an expression which evaluates to a constant. Then use that value as an integer for a localparam, genvar, etc...

You don't need this function often, but it's very handy when a module receives some item count as a parameter, and you need to create an internal register to hold an index to those items (e.g.: a binary counter).

We use a temp value for calculations since Vivado raises warnings if we internally assign a value to a function input port.

function integer clog2;
    input integer value;
          integer temp;
        temp = value - 1;
        for (clog2 = 0; temp > 0; clog2 = clog2 + 1) begin
            temp = temp >> 1;

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