Binary to Gray (Reflected Binary)

(This code was contributed by Jeff Cassidy at Isophase Computing (,, with edits by myself.)

Converts an unsigned binary number to the corresponding Reflected Binary Gray Code.

A Reflected Binary Gray Code starts from a simple 1-bit sequence 0,1 and can be constructed recursively for larger bit widths N. The sequence for N bits is build as follows:

For example:

The resulting Reflected Binary Gray Code has two useful properties:

The reverse function also exists.

`default_nettype none

module Binary_to_Gray_Reflected
    parameter WORD_WIDTH = 0
    input  wire [WORD_WIDTH-1:0]  binary_in,
    output reg  [WORD_WIDTH-1:0]  gray_out

    localparam ZERO = {WORD_WIDTH{1'b0}};

    initial begin
        gray_out = ZERO;

    function [WORD_WIDTH-1:0] binary_to_gray
        input [WORD_WIDTH-1:0] binary
        integer i;
        reg [WORD_WIDTH-1:0] gray;

        for(i=0; i < WORD_WIDTH-1; i=i+1) begin
            gray[i] = binary[i] ^ binary[i+1];

        gray[WORD_WIDTH-1] = binary[WORD_WIDTH-1];

        binary_to_gray = gray;
    always@(*) begin
        gray_out = binary_to_gray(binary_in);


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