Gray to Binary (Reflected Binary)

(This code was contributed by Jeff Cassidy at Isophase Computing (,, with edits by myself.)

Converts a Reflected Binary Gray Code to the corresponding unsigned binary number.

Because of the abundance of binary adder/subtractor logic on an FPGA, if you want to do arithmetic with a Gray Code number, you are better off to first convert it to binary, do the math, then convert it back to Gray Code.

`default_nettype none

module Gray_to_Binary_Reflected
    parameter WORD_WIDTH = 0
    input  wire [WORD_WIDTH-1:0] gray_in,
    output reg  [WORD_WIDTH-1:0] binary_out

    localparam ZERO = {WORD_WIDTH{1'b0}};

    initial begin
        binary_out = ZERO;

    function [WORD_WIDTH-1:0] gray_to_binary
        input [WORD_WIDTH-1:0] gray
        integer i;
        reg [WORD_WIDTH-1:0] binary;

        binary[WORD_WIDTH-1] = gray[WORD_WIDTH-1];

        for(i=WORD_WIDTH-2; i >= 0; i=i-1) begin
            binary[i] = binary[i+1] ^ gray[i];

        gray_to_binary = binary;

    always@(*) begin
        binary_out = gray_to_binary(gray_in);


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