Turn Off Rightmost Contiguous 1 Bits

Credit: Hacker's Delight, Section 2-1: Manipulating Rightmost Bits

Use the following formula to turn off the rightmost contiguous string of 1’s (e.g., 01011100 -> 01000000)

It can be used to determine if a nonnegative integer is of the form 2^j-2^k for some j >= k >= 0: apply the formula followed by a 0-test on the result.

module Turn_Off_Rightmost_Contiguous_1_Bits
    parameter WORD_WIDTH = 0
    input   wire    [WORD_WIDTH-1:0]    word_in,
    output  reg     [WORD_WIDTH-1:0]    word_out

    initial begin
        word_out = {WORD_WIDTH{1'b0}};

    localparam ONE = {{WORD_WIDTH-1{1'b0}},1'b1};

    always @(*) begin
        word_out = ((word_in & (-word_in)) + word_in) & word_in; 


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