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72-bit CPU with multiplier, 3 kwords RAM, 475 MHz

Bringing more power to bear on your problems.

We offer FPGA design services to create custom solutions with lower power, smaller volume, greater computing power, and more I/O pins than a CPU, GPU, or microcontroller.

Our main strengths are high-speed logic design and system integration. For example, we built a 600 MHz 36-bit multiplier on Stratix IV, as part of a CPU design running at 500 MHz, without having to floorplan or wrestle for timing closure.

We have a decade of experience with Quartus, and more recently, Vivado and ISE for consumer applications on Zynq devices, scientific instrumentation on Kintex-7, space-rating validation on Spartan-6Q, ASIC emulation on Virtex-7, image processing and system infrastructure on Artix-7, and real-time video processing on Virtex UltraScale+ on Amazon's F1 cloud service.

We mainly work in Verilog-2001, and take great effort in writing modular and cleanly synthesizable code. You can see our library of Open Source parts. We can also deliver work in VHDL, or other HDLs as required by our clients.

We have over 20 years of experience working in Linux environments, doing everything from system administration to kernel programming. In software, we primarily work in C, Python, assembly (MIPS, ARM, 6502), and occasionally in Perl and Forth.

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Some examples of past high-speed design research. You can find a complete list at the Publications page.